Nashville Stars

“Their love of baseball would not only change the game, but it would change our country.” - Bob Kendrick

Baseball is the first organized sport ever played in Nashville, a sense of pride for the Nashville Stars. Baseball is in our DNA. The Stars are deeply rooted in Tennessee’s rich baseball history going back to 1860. Sulphur Dell was a cornerstone for all of baseball including the Negro Leagues. The Stars were one of the many teams that were based in Nashville. The Negro Leagues introduced us to some of MLB’s greatest: Satchel Page, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and many more. This history becomes the inspiration and foundation for the future of baseball in Music City. The Nashville Stars will bring the MLB experience to Tennessee, building on our focus on baseball, families, community, and entertainment.

Using historic photos, we have developed a vintage brand identity for the Nashville Stars. We are honored to be able to bring the history of the Negro Leagues to life through these designs.